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Transparency in Government Act 2008

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Title II - Enhancing Public Access to the Work of Congressional Committees, Legislative Information, and Votes

Sec. 208. Appropriation of sums to preserve congressional information.

Congressional documents are historic in nature, and increasingly produced entirely in a digital form. Congress's increasing reliance on digital publication creates new challenges for archivists managing digital preservation. Providing annual sums for the Web harvest program would ensure preservation of Congress's online presence to be preserved.

  1. Such sums that are necessary shall be appropriated to the National Archives to create and archive a digital copy of congressional Web sites, including Member and committee Web sites, on a yearly basis.

  2. Such sums as are necessary shall be appropriated to fully support and expand the Library of Congress’s Web services operations, including THOMAS, the World Digital Library, the Legislative Information Services database, the Office of Strategic Initiatives, and the Law Library.

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