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Transparency in Government Act 2008

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Title II - Enhancing Public Access to the Work of Congressional Committees, Legislative Information, and Votes

Sec. 206. Electronic access to votes.

Providing Congressional vote information in a structured format will allow third parties to reuse and republish the data more reliably, and enable Congressional staff to make better decisions that depend on legislative information.

  1. The Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate shall post on the public Internet site of the Office of the Clerk or Secretary, respectively, a record, organized by Member or Senator name, in a structured data format, of the recorded votes of each Member or Senator, including the roll, date, issue, question, result, and title or description of the vote, and any cost estimate of the Congressional Budget Office related to the vote; and

  2. Each Member or Senator who maintains an official public Internet site shall provide a clearly presented electronic link to the Member’s individual recorded vote information described in paragraph (1).

General Comments on Transparency in Government Act 2008

Joshua Tauberer, on March 27, 2008

The House publishes roll call votes in XML. The Senate should do the same.

CBO cost estimates are not relevant here. This is one of a million of factoids related to a bill that might be of interest. The sites should (and no doubt would) link to THOMAS. The link to CBO should be on THOMAS.

There are a lot of new requirements in this bill on where Member websites must link to. This maybe should be put in a separate section just for requirements on Member websites.