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Transparency In Government Act 2008 (Revised)

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Title II - Enhancing Public Access to the Work of Congressional Committees, Legislative Inforation, and Votes

Sec. 204. Full disclosure of non-emergency legislation online 72 hours before a vote.

  1. The rules of the House of Representatives and the Standing Rules of the Senate are amended by inserting the following:

    1. `(1) It shall not be in order to consider in the House or the Senate legislation or reports until 72 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays except when the relevant chamber is in session on such a day) after the text of such measure or matter (and, if the measure or matter is reported, the text of all accompanying reports) have been made available to Members, Delegates, the Resident Commissioner, Senators, and the general public pursuant to subparagraph (3);

    2. `(2) For purposes of this paragraph, a measure or matter is made available to the general public as of the time it is posted by the Secretary of the Senate or Clerk of the House on their respective Web sites in a format that can be searched by text.;

    3. `(3) Without further amendment before floor consideration, the full text of the measure of matter and each committee report thereon shall be posted continuously by means of the Internet in such a manner that they are conveniently accessible using existing technology, anonymously and at no cost, in a format that is easily searchable by text.;

    4. `(4) This rule may be waived by a vote of two-thirds of the Members voting, a quorum being present..

  2. Nothing in this resolution or any amendment made by it shall be interpreted to require or permit the declassification or posting on the Internet of classified information in the custody of the House of Representatives. Such classified information shall be made available to Members in a timely manner as appropriate under existing laws and rules.

  3. Sense of the House and Senate Regarding Amendments: It is the sense of the House that, standardized policies and procedures should be developed to require that proposed amendments that are major in size, scope, or cost be posted on the Internet for an appropriate number of hours.