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Real Time Online Lobbying Transparency Act (Revised)

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Powerful influence peddlers — both registered lobbyists and high-profile “non-lobbyist lobbyists” — have always had an out-sized impact on policy decisions made by Congress and the executive branch. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case last year gave lobbyists powerful new means of persuasion via unlimited campaign spending. To counteract the lobbying industry’s distorting effect on public policy, the current lobbying disclosure requirements must be strengthened to be more comprehensive, detailed and timely. The draft Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) amendments would create an entirely new system of real-time, online disclosure of lobbying activities by all who are paid to do so. The bill would deter and root out corruption, and more importantly, improve the democratic process. The bill would create an ongoing policy dialogue by providing the public a clear understanding of the issues that have the attention of lawmakers and the interests that are lobbying in support or opposition to them. The Lobbying Disclosure Act is amended as follows:
  1. TITLE I - Expand the Definition of Lobbyist
    1. Sec. 101. Definition of Lobbyist
    2. Sec. 102. Definition of Lobbying Contact
    3. Sec. 103. Definition of Lobbying Activities
  2. TITLE II - Registration of Lobbyists
    1. Sec. 101. Timing of Registration
    2. Sec. 102. Contents of Registration
    3. Sec. 103. Annual Fee for Registrants
    4. Sec. 104. Guidelines for Registration
  3. TITLE III - Reports by Registered Lobbyists
    1. Sec. 101. Reports of Lobbying Contacts (1 comment)
    2. Sec. 102. Reports on Contributions
    3. Sec. 103. Electronic Filing Required
  4. TITLE IV - Reporting of Bundled Contributions Made by Persons Other Than Registered Lobbyists
    1. Sec. 101. Required Disclosure of Bundlers
    2. Sec. 102. Reporting of Lobbying Activities by All Persons Who Bundle Contributions
    3. Sec. 103. Electronic Filing and Public Access
  5. TITLE V - Disclosure of Paid Advertising Activities by Lobbyists
    1. Sec. 101. Electronic Filing of Reports for Advertising Paid by Lobbyists
    2. Sec. 102. Contents of Reports
  6. TITLE VI - Disclosure of Paid Efforts to Stimulate Grassroots Lobbying
    1. Sec. 101. Definitions (1 comment)
    2. Sec. 102. Registration and Reporting (1 comment)
  7. TITLE VII - Public Access to Reports
    1. Sec. 101. Responsibilities of the Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate
  8. TITLE VIII - Comparability of Reports
    1. Sec. 101. Amending the Lobbying Disclosure Act
  9. TITLE IX - Modifications to Enforcement
    1. Sec. 101. Lobbying Disclosure Act Task Force
    2. Sec. 102. Recommendations for Improved Enforcement
    3. Sec. 103. Information in Enforcement Reports

General Comments on Real Time Online Lobbying Transparency Act (Revised)

David Vernon on November 7, 2011

Very good. This seems to be a piece of legislation that has become exponentially necessary over the past 40 decades. If this were to be passed, it may just be the first action toward public resolution and understanding of lobbying. If we are to vote on bills, laws, acts, presidents, etc. we need to know what they mean and who is trying to sell them.